Now Pay in Bitcoin for IT services at Volternal Consulting

Now Pay in Bitcoin for IT services at Volternal Consulting
Now Pay in Bitcoin for IT services at Volternal Consulting

Now Pay in Bitcoin for IT services at Volternal Consulting

Bitcoin is gaining a lot of popularity as an IT services provider Volternal Consulting now offers professional and personalized services to suit client’s needs and budget in exchange of Bitcoin. The company claims that it provides a robust and easy to use remote support system for clients. It has clients ranging from businesses, non-profits, and even individual end users. His team works with standard Windows computers as well as mobile devices in the Manistee County.

Bitcoin Is the Currency of the Future Says the Owner

Volternal Consulting has up to date software and hardware solutions and specializes in Free and Open Source Software such as Ubuntu (a Free Software Operating System) and Cloud Services such as Google Apps. Understanding the writing on the wall that Bitcoin is the currency of future the IT services provider started accepting them in exchange of the services it brings for customers and clients.

Volternal Consulting offers hourly tech support services wherein clients can hire them for six Bitcoins. The organization uses TeamViewer when it is providing its remote tech support services to clients anywhere in the world. The owner of the company says that all Volternal customers can use the new remote support system when they ask for it i.e. while calling or emailing them for an appointment.


Once TeamViewer is installed, at the time of appointment, customers can use the company’s remote support link to connect to their system.

IT SERVICES 2.0 in Exchange of Bitcoin

Volternal Consulting strives to provide quality tech support and consulting services for all. Their customers ranging from small businesses to non-profit organizations to individuals, all receive excellent IT support services in the exchange of Bitcoin, a digital currency which is fast becoming a popular mode of payment around the world.

Bitcoin is Money 3.0

Bitcoin has been receiving a lot of popularity among small business owners who wish to help promote Bitcoin by accepting it as payment for goods and services – Volternal Consulting fits the criterion. It is small yet advanced. Best part with Bitcoin payment is that clients from any place in the world can hire the services and pay in Bitcoin which is accepted everywhere now as it has become legal to accept Bitcoin for the exchange of goods and services.

While Volternal Consulting is offering IT services 2.0, Bitcoin which is Money 3.0, is definitely changing the way currencies have been perceived in modern times. Regarding the IT services the owner of Volternal Consulting says that he is always looking for ways to serve customers better and more conveniently for their schedules and budgets.

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