Now Pay in Bitcoin at Coupa Café in Palo Alto for Your Purchases


Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto has started accepting Bitcoin from the customers as payment. This way it has become one of the only brick-and-mortar businesses in the Bay Area, and probably in the world which has started accepting Bitcoin, a virtual currency making news around the world for its revolutionary nature. Reportedly, the Coupa Café has done more than $200 worth in Bitcoin transactions in one month since it started accepting Bitcoin. Though the owner of the café says that most of the transactions are small in amount, it will definitely get pace as the news spreads to other customers in the locality.

According to the owner of the café it does not take more time than what it takes when customers are transacting through their credit card. Thus, there is no wastage of time regarding the processing and as a lot of people have Bitcoins and do not have a place to send them, they are opting Coupa Café to sell them and purchase a coffee.

The family owned Coupa Café is headed by Jean Paul Coupal. He says that he is helping out all those Bitcoin owners who do not have other places to sell it visit his café and cash them for a cup of coffee. Like all other enthusiasts such as some pubs and casinos that accept Bitcoin, this café will definitely determine the success and popularity of the crypto currency.

As the café is strategically located in an area where techies, venture capitalists and angel investors frequent a lot, it will definitely attract attention. The best part is that the Facebook office is quite close to the café and a Facebook employee even created a fan page for the café; this shows it receives a lot attention and love from the young customers.

Thus, becoming the only brick-and-mortar business in Palo Alto that accepts Bitcoins, Coupa Café will be pioneering the concept. The owner of the café Jean Paul Coupal says that though there are restrictions and hurdles in front of Bitcoin, the system will have to overcome the hurdle of more U.S. government involvement and oversight.

Coupa Café is located in a 1930′s historical building in Palo Alto and known for a warm and cozy environment that it offers to its hip customers. It brings exquisite single estate, certified organic and fair trade coffee from Venezuela which can now be bought paying in Bitcoin. It also has Happy Hour from 5:00pm-7:00pm daily wherein it offers specials on drinks and appetizers.