Now Pay in Bitcoin for SEO Services at PenTech Consulting


Now Pay in Bitcoin for SEO Services at PenTech Consulting

Bitcoin is booming faster than we imagined, from bars to tech companies to law firms and now search engine optimization companies have started accepting them for their services. A press release from the Connecticut based SEO company PenTech Consulting says that the company has started accepting the digital currency for its services.

PenTech Consulting believes that SEO by its very nature relies on companies staying up to date with the latest changes and trends in technology, so it only makes sense that they should be among the first to accept Bitcoin. According to the company, paying for SEO with Bitcoin will make transactions faster, safer and free of charge.

In his statement Todd Ramos, owner of PenTech informed that there are several benefits from Bitcoin; for instance, if someone is into Bitcoin mining, then he can even ‘make his own money’ and invest that into his internet marketing. PenTech is the first major SEO Company operating in Connecticut to accept the digital currency.

The decision seems to have been prompted by a growing number of companies globally to embrace this new form of currency. Additionally, as the international nature of Bitcoin also opens up these services to more businesses around the world, breaking down even more barriers and bringing us all even closer, the decision from PenTech Consulting is logical.

The nature of business of SEO is such that a lot of transactions are done internationally and in such a situation there is nothing better than Bitcoin as a payment method. PenTech Consulting which was founded primarily as an SEO company with the goal of making SEO and web development, has a lot of international clients as well, this decision is going to help them.

Bitcoin Reaching to New Sectors and Businesses

The clients who are looking for services such as PPC campaign creation and management, Social Media Marketing, copywriting, web based app development, CMS, web development, etc. may now be able to pay even in Bitcoin and save some money that they would otherwise be paying if they pay using other methods like PayPal.

Interestingly, the year 2014 has seen a record fall in the value of Bitcoin aswhereas the value of the digital currency went up to $1200 last year, it fell below $400 this year. However, the expansion has not been affected as a large number of new companies and business started accepting the digital currency this year itself.

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