Now Invest in Stock Market via Cryptocurrency


Now Invest in Stock Market via Cryptocurrency – UK-based business corporation First Global Credit (FGC) yesterday unleashed a service that will allow people to invest in a dozen stock markets using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The announcement has come as an optimistic move to involve Bitcoin in the mainstream stock markets.

Often Bitcoin holders find themselves unable to use their coins once they buy them. The market offers them limited opportunities to further invest their holdings in profitable ventures. Even the mainstream stock markets shy away from selling their stocks for digital currencies thanks to their volatile features.

FGC, on the other hand, believes in taking the opportunity to reduce the gap between both the communities. In times when corporate houses are taking initiatives in building their own decentralized stock exchanges (read Overstock) where a cryptocurrency can be used without any hassle, there is a huge chance that mainstream stock markets will lose the chance to embrace the wonderful Bitcoin technology in future, just because the former can’t stand volatility. FGC however brings a solution to this query. The company’s CEO Mr. Gavin Smith elaborates further:

“We follow a Direct Market Access (DMA) hedging strategy where no client’s trade is filled until a hedge has been automatically placed in the underlying market. This is one of many strategies that makes it possible for First Global Credit to prosper regardless of volatility. The trade management strategies we use have proven extremely profitable even in illiquid or volatile markets and we are going to replicate that success in the alt currency markets.”

First Global Trades have a long-experience in handling volatile trading, mainly those related to unpredictable commodities. The company simply means to imply the same mindset on cryptocurrency investments in mainstream stock markets.

The practicality of their project will however be judged later. But for now, their idea possess a lot of potential to amplify Bitcoin’s reachability to conventional audience.

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