Now Edmonton’s Remedy Café Accepts Payments in Bitcoin

Now Edmonton’s Remedy Café Accepts Payments in Bitcoin
Now Edmonton’s Remedy Café Accepts Payments in Bitcoin

Now Edmonton’s Remedy Café Accepts Payments in Bitcoin

Coupa Café in Palo Alto, Edmonton based Remedy Café is accepting Bitcoin in payment. Now, it has become the first retailer in the province which will be accepting the revolutionary digital currency for its products and services. The organization decided to accept Bitcoin last week when its three branches started accepting the digital currency.

The local customers are delighted as they feel it is a new beginning and assertion on the part of café owner and respect to the public opinion which overwhelmingly support the cause of Bitcoin. Additionally, many of the customers who frequent the café feel that with Bitcoin it will be better for them as with it they can use the crypto-currency and support the cause.

The local Bitcoin enthusiast and supporter Peter Dushenski has been lobbying the cause of the crypto-currency for long. Earlier in May this year, this investor, entrepreneur and Bitcoin supporter came out openly. He is known for his bold and visionary tweets from his Twitter name @Bitcoinpete. He then had boldly claimed that Edmonton had the ideal culture to see Bitcoin excel.

Mr. Dushenski had then said that Edmonton was an innovative community. The city has been preparing for long to welcome Bitcoin in the best possible manner and now the decision on the part of Remedy Café will be a baby step towards the greater acceptance of the revolutionary currency which was banned by Thailand government recently reasons known best to them.


Mr. Dushenski is also enthusiastic that initially it will be small businesses that will be charged in Bitcoin; however, he also rules out that Bitcoin will be the only currency acceptable as he says that the café will still accept all traditional currencies and payment methods. Albeit he admitted that it will be better if customers pay in Bitcoin.

With the tiny step, Mr. Dushenski aims to spread the message to a wide network of people who support the cause of Bitcoin and wish to shoulder the responsibility and become a part of the history. Initially feedbacks from customers will be taken into consideration as he admits that it is the people who will set the trend and accept Bitcoin as their currency.

To Mr. Dushenski people can make or break Bitcoin’s popularity. They need to come out openly to support the cause. Moreover, as Edmonton is a grassroots city known for its an entrepreneurial culture, the decision will definitely attract further acceptance by other businesses to accept Bitcoin.

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