Now Buy Pirates of Savannah Trilogy in Bitcoin

Now Buy Pirates of Savannah Trilogy in Bitcoin
Now Buy Pirates of Savannah Trilogy in Bitcoin

Now Buy Pirates of Savannah Trilogy in Bitcoin

If you are a historical fiction buff and Bitcoin enthusiast, there is good news for you – Pirates of Savannah: The Trilogy includes “Sold in Savannah”, “Battle Rats” and “The Rise of April”, is now available via Bitcoin payment. Pirates of Savannah trilogy is a historical fiction novel about the birth of liberty in the south.

Author Tarrin P. Lupo, a full time liberty activist, runs a news service called The Low Country Liberty Report and like most of the liberty activists, it was expected from him that he will support the cause of Bitcoin. It makes perfect sense when a liberty activist and writer support Bitcoin and helps Bitcoin supporters buy his novels.

Pirates of Savannah trilogy are written keeping the pre-Revolutionary War age in the background and for that reason these are popular. The writer says that this was truly a fascinating time in history that has been greatly ignored by other authors but covered by him.

The historical fiction covers a tale of prisoners, refugees and society’s casts offs and how the join the struggle against the government tyranny and discover a path to liberty.


Pirates of Savannah is Apt for the Current Situation

The way the National Security Agency (NSA), the main producer and manager of signals intelligence for the United States, is spying on its own people and spying on other people in the rest of the world definitely violates civil liberties. It is not only oppressive but reminds us of the bad old days when the governments were big daddy.

The comparative loss of civil liberties in the U.S. and elsewhere and perpetual surveillance of people reminds us of ‘1984’ a novel by George Orwell. Pirates of Savannah trilogy gives us hope that the united struggle against tyranny brings liberty and life and no power is that strong that can suppress the desires of the awaken people.

Pirates of Savannah trilogy gives us a hope, as we can find out how a group of oppressed colonists gain the courage to start defying authority and begin planning a revolution from British control. The writer portrays a gritty, vivid account of what life was like in the 1700’s and is loaded with real, obscure historical events which have been forgotten but are relevant today.

Customers can buy the historical fiction visiting: The writer collaborates with CoinDL and sells the historical fiction for 0.039 BTC.

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