Now Bitcoin Donation Cup to Support a fan, Help a Charity

Now Bitcoin Donation Cup to Support a fan, Help a Charity
Now Bitcoin Donation Cup to Support a fan, Help a Charity

Now Bitcoin Donation Cup to Support a fan, Help a Charity

Bitcoin is an innovative idea; now, this innovative idea is giving birth new innovative ideas like ‘Bitcoin Donation Cup.’ Ten companies have come up together to sponsor something called the 2014 Bitcoin Donation Cup, which according to the companies is a community donation program that allows football fans) to donate Bitcoin to a participating charity of their choosing.

The home page of the website says that anyone can support a fan, help a charity and win a prize & have fun with the donation cup. There are three ways to get associated with the effort. Firstly, football fans can make their own posters and raise Bitcoin. Some of these people get special prizes if they get attention in national TV and social media platforms.

The second way to get associated with Bitcoin Donation Cup is for community members; they can opt to simply donate to a charitable cause. Thirdly, anyone who is interested can take part in World Cup-related Bitcoin celebrations happening at a number of bars in countries across the Americas.

The Ten Bitcoin Companies Come Together for Pioneer Effort

This Bitcoin donation is being driven by 10 companies from across the world that include: BitPay, BitGive, Xapo, Mercado Bitcoin and Unisend, plus MexBT, ALTIS and Bitso, etc. The two local supports of the effort include the Colombia Bitcoin Foundation and the


Fundacion Bitcoin de Argentina.

The effort enables fundraisers to generate donations by bringing scannable QR codes to locations where the World Cup is being viewed. According to the organizers by scanning QR codes on signs held by fans watching the games in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and the United States, donors have the chance to give Bitcoin to help both fans and charities.

According to the people involved in the pioneer effort to use Bitcoin to promote football and Bitcoin at the same time, 30% of the donation will be given to the fans holding the QR codes in the form of meal, game tickets, or lodging. Rest of the amount will be spent on a participating charity of choice.

Best part about the entire donation effort is that being transparent in nature Bitcoin donations can be tracked; thus, every donor will know where his money going to. Connie Gallippi, Founder and Executive Director of the BitGive Foundation believe that it’s amazing to see Bitcoin users around the world support not only the cause but many other charities.

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