Now Apple Users Cannot Use BlockChain, a Bitcoin Wallet App

Now Apple Users Cannot Use BlockChain, a Bitcoin Wallet App
Now Apple Users Cannot Use BlockChain, a Bitcoin Wallet App


Now Apple Users Cannot Use BlockChain, a Bitcoin Wallet App

As Apple removes BlockChain, last Bitcoin wallet app, from mobile store, now users won’t be able to access it. A decision made on Wednesday says that Apple removed BlockChain, the last remaining application in its mobile store for transmitting Bitcoins. According to a source in Apple there was some unresolved issue in BlockChain and it had to decide on it.

Declaring its decision, the UK-based BlockChain said that it was told by Apple that the application could be used as “wallet” to store and send Bitcoins, was being removed due to an “unresolved issue.” However, at the same time BlockChain revealed that there was no earlier intimation about the warning on the part of Apple regarding the incurring problem.

BlockChain believes that Apple has also removed other Bitcoin-related applications that include Coinbase and Gliph. According to the source from the organization these actions by Apple once again demonstrate the anti-competitive and capricious nature of the App Store policies. Efforts were being made to contact Apple for clarification without any avail.

According to some market observers the latest development coming at a time when a growing number of retailers are adopting Bitcoin as a payment option is unfortunate. Though Bitcoin faces scrutiny around the world as countries debate how it fits into existing legal and regulatory schemes, technology companies like Apple should not be the part of establishment.

Google May Benefit from the Decision by Apple

The arbitrary action on the part of Apple is visible. For instance, whereas a handful of other Bitcoin-related mobile applications for iOS, such as market share tickers, are still available in the App Store, none that can transfer Bitcoins have been kept in. This is contrary to the existing progressive norms that the technology companies are following.


Nevertheless, till the reports were being spread, BlockChain’s desktop application for OS X could still be downloaded from Apple’s Australian App Store. Apprehensions are being put that this may also be removed sooner or later. The apprehension is based on the arbitrary action taken on the part of Apple in the issue of Bitcoin Wallet App.

It is evident that BlockChain Wallet App was in Apple’s App Store for two years and was downloaded 120,000 times. The decision could be contrary to the popular opinion as overwhelming number of users had supported and voted for it earlier.

Compared to Google, Apple looks conservative as Google does not restrict developers from creating Bitcoin wallets for its Android mobile platform. In the end, Apple could be the loser as the decision could drive Bitcoin users away from it.

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