NordOvest Energie, the Utility Company in Turin, Accepts Bitcoin Payment


NordOvest Energie, the Utility Company in Turin, Accepts Bitcoin Payment

NordOvest Energie, a utility company based in Turin has become only the second such company in EU area to accept Bitcoin payments. The company supplies electricity and gas to Italian households and companies. It now has partnered with local startup to enable consumers to pay their bills with Bitcoins for the products it offers.

Before NordOvest Energie, it was Bas Nederland, another utility services provider that started accepting Bitcoin payments. Nonetheless, the partnership will make NordOvest Energie the second utility firm in the European Union. At the occasion Catia Rossi, managing director at NordOvest Energie SRL said that it is a significant decision that can help customers a lot.

Catia Rossi was quoted saying:

“Being the first utility company in Italy and the second in Europe to offer this feature to our customers is a great source of pride for us. It strengthens our will to work and invest on future and on technological innovation.”

Italian Bitcoin payment processor to Handle Payments

NordOvest Energie informs that it has entered into a partnership with the Italian Bitcoin payment processor Thus, through the agreement will handle all online, digital currency utility payments without charging NordOvest Energie any transaction or service fees – this is the best feature so far that is being appreciated by a lot of customers.

Nonetheless, the company says that Bitcoin payments will be instantly converted to Euros, allowing the company to avoid volatility risks. Sharing the views at the occasion, an Italian Bitcoin payment processor owned by cryptocurrency exchange The Rock Trading Ltd., says that it will boost Bitcoin adoption with a specific focus on local businesses and merchants.

The press release from the two organizations also mentions about some interview that co-founder Andrea Medri gave and admitted that their ideal customers are Italians and a lot of focus will be on the domestic market. Later on the company says that it will begin with English speaking areas as well for further expansion.

Nonetheless, the company also says that at this early stage, the priority is to focus on the market the closest to it. The focus will also be on the market that the company is the most familiar with. The company concludes that reaching the coverage of an entire country like Italy, among others, is very complex; however, it has well placed plans.

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