Non-Profits can Now Get Funds Easily as Cubits Partners with Wikando for Bitcoin Donations


Non-Profits can Now Get Funds Easily as Cubits Partners with Wikando for Bitcoin Donations

Cubits which earlier this year declared that it wanted customers to buy Bitcoin in minutes, making it one of the fastest digital currency platforms in Europe, has now announced that it has partnered with Wikando to help non-profit organizations receive Bitcoin donations. Wikando works with numerous charities through the website,

The organization provides a readymade solution for donation payments, as well as a forum for charities. The latest partnership is expected to help it further gain donations as now Bitcoin will be offered as one of the donation options. Nonetheless, as Cubits offers the service for free, charities using the service will get their full share of the donations.

Bitcoin is emerging as a popular choice for a lot of non-profit organizations around the world to get donations as there is almost nil processing fee and it works faster than any other payment options available. Wikando CTO Peter Kral says that accepting Bitcoin was the obvious choice, and Cubits helped them make this choice a reality.

Wikando is Pioneer in Fundraising-as-a-Service Model

The Wikando’s website claims that it is pioneering the fundraising-as-a-service model since its founding in 2008. For now it is offering its services to charities worldwide and for that it has partnered with globally renowned organizations like Oxfam International, The Salvation Army, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders as clients.

Talking about the latest deal Peter Kral says that it is always looking for ways to expedite the donation process, whether it’s making it faster, cheaper, more secure, or more readily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Similarly, the London-based Cubits partnering with Wikando helps achieve their goal of bringing Bitcoin’s benefits to the non-profit sector.

Bitcoin is emerging as a Popular Choice for Non-Profit Organizations for Donations

Sharing his views on the partnership Tim Rehder, Cubits CEO said that he is extremely proud to be a part of Wikando’s fundraising-as-a-service platform, because for his company, Bitcoin isn’t only about doing business well, but doing the world good. Thus, his organization is another entrant in the Bitcoin ecosystem that is going to help it further become popular.

This all began when payment processor giant BitPay helped the American Red Cross, Save the Children Now, ChildFund International, and United Way. The payment processor also signed up Nation Builder, who provides a ready-made donation solution for small charities and communities, enabling thousands of charities to accept Bitcoin.

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