News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XXXIII)


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Greece Accepts Being Near Economic Collapse

The Greek Government recently admitted that their economy is standing on the verge of being collapsed. They cited their public coffers that have been running empty, and further feared to delay their payments to the International Monetary Funds and other creditors. The news resulted into a massive fund withdrawal — around €700 million — in the country, with people adding further to the prevailing collapse.

Man Sentenced Three Years in Prison for Carrying $CAD1.3 Billion 

A Canadian citizen, who self-admittedly never trusted banks with his money, was convicted last week for carrying a huge sum on a public bus. Erwin Speckert was given a three-year prison time on the charges of money laundering, for the autopsy submitted by the police said that it was the gamble money he was carrying in his backpack. He, on the other hand, stated that it was the money to buy real estate. We just wish if the man was more reliant on cryptocurrency for carrying such a massive amount.

PayPal Introduces New Policy that Supports Robocalls

Global remittence company PayPal has reportedly tricked users into agreeing to a condition that makes them receive robocalls, the Washington Post reported. The company shields its real motives behind the usual account updates service it promises to offer with the new policy. Instead, the American firm also makes users agree to receive questionnaires, offers and promotions on their phone numbers.

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