News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XLIII)


News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XV)

A weekly section discussing how general events can influence the near-term future of cryptocurrency sector

Donald Trump Plans Increasing Remittance Rates for Mexicans

The real estate tycoon and US presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to confiscate all remittance payments derived from “illegal wages.” The remittance service companies used today charge an average commission of 9.11% (excluding conversion rates), a figure which could rise considerably under an eventual presidency of Donald Trump. Guess all the Mexicans should rely on cryptocurrency Bitcoin for ditching the expected ruling.

Germany Approves New Greek Bailout

The German parliament on Thursday approved a fresh bailout to Greece. The different positions within Syriza — the ruling party in Greece — regarding this new bailout triggered a schism next day and later the resignation of Prime Minister Tsipras, who called elections.

Venezuela Faces Shortage of Banknotes

Perhaps the only industry that is running at full capacity in Venezuela is the printing of the Mint in Maracay, Aragua state capital (Midwest). While expropriations or lack of inputs and investments decimated the industrial park in the country, the state enterprise under the Central Bank of Venezuela, can not keep up . And even so, Venezuelans are falling short of cash. The outbreak of prices to the rhythm of hyperinflation is necessary to have an increasing amount of money in the wallet to purchase goods and daily consumption.