News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XV)


News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XV)

A weekly section discussing how general events can influence the future of the cryptocurrency sector

Greeck Banks Reach-Out ECB for Assistance

Amid hype of Greek banking panic, the four largest banks there exhausted their reserves after facing a series of high-profile withdrawals. This ultimately led these banks to seek assistance from ECB-led ‘Emergency Liquidity Program’. Read the whole report here.

Saxo Bank Official Ridicules ECB’s Bond Purchase Program

Saxo Bank Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen recently called ECB’s upcoming ‘Bond Purchase Program’ the “biggest mistake in history”, especially when the European economy is showing signs of recovery. “Printing money to buy government bonds. The QE (quantitative easing) will only make things worse,” he warned. Read the whole report here.

Swiss Bank Refuses to Pay Ransom to Hackers

Banque Cantonale de Geneva (BCGE) refused to pay ransom to hackers that earlier stole the data of bank’s 30,000 customers, and further threatened them to publish it on public domain. The hackers demanded around 10,000 Euros, a threat BCGE didn’t entertain. Read the whole report here.

Chile: Anti-Internet Bill Waiting to be Passed

If passed into law, anyone in Chile who owns a website with at least four weekly publications will be considered responsible for social media extremism including those of hate posts, rumors, etc. In Chile, there is a growing trend in parliament to introduce bills that punish more harshly actions by the Internet. A clear example is the so-called law of digital media (bills 9460-19 and 9461-19 modifying Law 19,733), which we reported at the time, and has found fertile ground in the Chamber of Deputies which has advanced firmly, despite its many obvious problems. Read the whole report here.