News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XIX)


News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (XVI)

A weekly section discussing how general events can influence the future of cryptocurrency sector

Over 100,000 HSBC Accounts Holding Black Money Leaked

An anonymous whistleblower of HSBC bank leaked a list of around 100,000 bank accounts that are said to have holding black money. The leaked list include everyone ranging from politicians, celebrities and drug traffickers to businessmen, fugitives and arm merchants.

Bank of Spain Blocks 100,000 PayPal Customers

The Bank of Spain revoked the license of electronic money provider of PayPal’s prepaid MasterCard. One hundred thousand Spanish users of these cards now have their balance held by an unspecified entity.

Foreign Students in Venezuela Going through a Forex Nightmare

Since October, the government of Venezuela rejects any request for foreign currency to study. Many Venezuelan students who were already abroad before hardening of exchange restrictions now they have to eat and pay housing and subsist on charity.

Sweden Slashes Interest Rates, Announces Bond Purchase Program

The Swedish Central Bank on Thursday cut its main interest rate for the first time and announced a program of bond purchases, thus joining a growing group of central banks experimenting with unconventional measures to “combat low inflation”.

Growing Capital Flight in China

China’s payment balance for the last quarter of 2014 showed a negative balance (something that had not happened since 1998) of US $91,000 million.