News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (X)


News that Strengthen Cryptocurrency (X)

A weekly section discussing how general events can influence the future of the cryptocurrency sector

Federal Reserve Admits Leak of Confidential Data
The Federal Reserve recently admitted the leak of confidential monetary data of October 2012. According to the available reports, the leak included the information regarding the third round of bind purchases as well, which subsequently made its way into a financial analyst’s private newsletter a day before its release.

Europe Discusses Third Rescue Package for Greece
Having donated €240 billion over the last four years, the “Greek Patient” is still quite ill. Therefore, Europe is planning to issue a third rescue package for Athens. Since early September, the Greek 10-year bond yield has risen from 5.53% to 8.05%, with a peak of 9.28%.

ECB Chief Hoping to Reach Consensus on Monetary Stimulus Package
ECB President Mario Draghi has seven full-weeks to build consensus among politicians on a trillion-euro stimulus package following a grumpy end to 2014. After depriving the euro area round of quantitative easing which had previously been considered at the Governing Council meeting yesterday, Draghi pledged to “reassess” the situation early next year.

Passenger Caught Carrying 189,000 Euros on Interprovincial Bus
A passenger on an interprovincial bus was stopped by Customs Enforcement officials in Tumbes, when he was found to be smuggling 189,000 euros in cash. He claimed to be the owner of the stash, and was investigated immediately by the authorities. The money didn’t have the documentation proving the legal origin.

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