News that Strengthens Cryptocurrencies II


News that Impacts Cryptocurrency Market 10/6/14

A weekly section discussing how general events can influence the future of cryptocurrency sector

MasterCard to Access Facebook Users’ Data
MasterCard signed a two-year deal with Facebook, following which the former will be able to access the data of the latter’s users. Though it won’t be as illegal as it may sound to most of you. The data will just contain the online consumers’ habits and will simply provide MasterCard the patterns to woo the banks. The provided data will only be of the customers from Asia and the Pacific.

Russian Banks to Spy on Customers’ Social Network Accounts
Later this year, Russian banks will start spying on their customers’ social network accounts to figure out their financial capacities. By analyzing the social network activity, the banks simply want to know the customers’ log-in durations on particular pages (especially those in working hours), as well as their interests in ecommerce.

Data Leaked at the Largest US Bond Insurance Company
A configuration error in a web server MBIA Inc. has left the private data of over thousands of customers, hanging on public domains like Google. These important details include account numbers, balances, and some other sensitive information. Some of the 230 pages indexed by Google before the leak also included the user name and passwords of the MBIA customers.

Man Arrested over Failed Credit Card Payment
When Don Marcani visited a Florida bar for a couple of drinks, he never imagined to face jail-time over a silly issue. The man was arrested by the local police only because he was having trouble paying the bill via his credit card. The credit card company, as per his words, did not credit the payment of $600 immediately, which ultimately led to Don’s arrest by Fort Launderdale police on the serious charges on theft. Later on, the card company sent an email asking Marcani whether he had spent $600 or not, but the man was in jail and had no access to his mobile.

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