New York Senate Committee Kills a Bill that Bans Fracking Waste Disposal


New York Senate Committee Kills a Bill that Bans Fracking Waste DisposalA New York Senate committee blocked a bill that sought to ban to importation of fracking waste water into New York on Tuesday.

The bill’s sponsor Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk (D-Duanesburg) blamed the move on the Senate’s Republicans, saying they were doing so on behalf of the energy industry.

“I was actually shocked that the chair of the committee said that he didn’t think this was a problem (and) didn’t think this was occurring,” said Sen. Tkaczyk.

“The gas industry is exempted from having to disclose what chemicals they are using,” she added. “The Halliburton loophole. So they don’t have to disclose what they are using and we don’t allow high volume, hydraulic fracturing to occur in this state. Why would we allow the waste product of this process to come into New York and be dumped in our landfills?”


The bill was blocked 7-6, when Sen. Tkaczyk invoked Senate regulations to push a Motion to Consider to try to get it past the committee stage. The bill, which she first introduced in May, has never been considered for action on the committee calendar, reported NYSNYS News.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state departments of Environmental Conservation and Health are yet to state their stand on fracking of shale gas in the area, with no set deadlines in place.

When asked if she will attempt to push a vote through the Senate, Sen. Tkaczyk said that would be impossible unless she obtained 38 signatures. She revealed that she may start a campaign to sensitize members of public about the fracking waste disposal, something she may kick-start this fall.

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