New VoIP Service Promotes Untraceable Calling, Accepts Bitcoin


New VoIP Service Promotes Untraceable Calling, Accepts Bitcoin — A new VoIP service allows people to mask their identities while calling over 200 countries around the world, and it accepts Bitcoin.

BitPhone, as the service is titled, comes as a perfect solution to those phone-based trolling companies that are often found invading the lives of common people. Nonetheless, its caller ID spoofing feature enables almost everyone to misuse the existing legal framework, perhaps by blackmailing or harassing individuals, making ransom calls, and by dozen other methods. The inclusion of Bitcoin on the top of everything ensures that the payers remain anonymous enough from being tracked by authorities.

But, at the same time, BitPhone also brings enough opportunities for people wishing to make cheap calls throughout the world. As we looked into their website, we found their calling plans to be rather cheaper than their non-anonymized counterparts. For instance: BitPhone charges only 1.3p a minute for calls to UK landline numbers. But as the Register reported, calling a UK premium number almost equalled the bills that come with a normal service. Though indeed, the latter don’t mask your identities., the company behind the creation of BitPhone, however ensures to play strict on calls that seem unlawful to their preset Terms and Conditions. The company has referred a number of laws and acts related to changing called IDs and spoofing. Though we can’t see the measures that have been taken to actually refrain one from making unlawful calls through BitPhone.

At this point of time, the company should seriously focus on getting themselves protected from legal obligations. A simple complain might force them into facing the Computer Misuse Act, as the Register noted.