New Survey Reviews Bitcoin Regulation around the World


New Survey Reviews Bitcoin Regulations around the World – The Bitcoin’s epidemic popularity is exploding further with incoming capital investments, merchant adoption and constant media buzzes. In the meantime, a number of countries have also introduced new regulatory frameworks for the cryptocurrency users and businesses, in order to generate a decent revenue for national exchequers.

But Bitcoin’s influence is not limited to being optimistic. Apart from a handful of countries, some have openly banned the use of any kind of alternate currency ecosystem, citing the risks and illegal activities associated with it. Russia and Bangladesh are some among them.

A simple Wikipedia research might give you a one-liner look at the current Bitcoin policies around the world. But it is Mercator Advisory Group, which have decided to go two-steps ahead to deliver a smartly researched paper on digital currency regulations around the world. Titled “Global Digital Currency Regulations: Divergent Paths” is an analysis on Bitcoin, its growth as a cryptocurrency and trading asset, and mainly its regulation in different countries.

“The global payments industry has been taken aback by the rise of the new payment technology represented by Bitcoin and other digital currencies, which at its core has the potential to radically change the paradigm in which electronic payments are handled. Understandably, the response to this paradigm-changing technology has been mixed among regulators since true understanding of the benefits and opportunities as well as the disadvantages and consequences is hard to come by” says the note’s author Tristan Hugo-Webb, who also is the Associate Director of the International Advisory Service.

Traders and enthusiast, who are hoping to understand the future of the cryptocurrency sector within their respective nations, are recommended to go through this paper. Mercator Advisory Group is a world renowned independent research and advisory services firm, with its central interest in payments and banking sector.

It is currently unavailable on public forums, but can be purchased at the Merchant Advisory Group website.

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