New Mexico Proposes New Charges for Medical Marijuana Growers & Patients


New Mexico Proposes New Charges for Medical Marijuana Growers & Patients New Mexico is proposing requiring patients using medical marijuana in the state to part with a $50 annual fee in order to renew their patient cards. The proposal also seeks to triple the annual license fees charged to producers to a maximum of $90,000.

However, Albuquerque Journal reported that some producers were against the move, lamenting that it would push users to seek unlawful sources when the higher costs are passed to them, reported the Associated Press.

However, a department spokesman clarified that the increased fees for producers will only be charged to those who opt to increase the number of plants under acreage. The draft regulations also seek to permit growers to cultivate more plants, which is meant to increase the medical marijuana supply. The spokesman also clarified that the new $50 charge for patients is meant to help meet the cost of running the department.


In a separate report, an activist organization that opposes medical marijuana legalization in Florida launched a website and created a video aimed at drawing more people to its cause. It claims that Amendment Two is full of loopholes and could create room for abuse, reported WLRN.

The No on Two campaign says that the state’s medical marijuana law will be more relaxed than California, as it empowers physicians to prescribe the medical pot even for minor complications such as stress and insomnia. It also warns that children will be legally allowed to access the marijuana, while criminals may enter the medical marijuana facilities in disguise as caregivers.

However, the message was opposed by pro-medical marijuana group United for Care, which said the No on Two’s campaign is hinged on “distortions, half truths and scare tactics. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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