New Jersey Man Plans to Sue Casino over Refusal to Use Medical Marijuana


New Jersey Man Plans to Sue Casino over Refusal to Use Medical MarijuanaA New Jersey medical marijuana patient is considering filing a lawsuit to be accorded the right to use his drug at an Atlantic City Casino.

23-year old Daniel Price, an Atlantic City resident, told the Press of Atlantic City that Revel Casino Hotel ignored his disability when a security guard refused him permission to use the prescription inside the casino.

Michelle Douglas, Price’s lawyer, claims that Revel is supposed to have arrangements to make disabled persons as comfortable as possible. Douglass said she plans to sue the casino in the New Jersey Superior Court.

Price, who uses the drug to treat irritable bowel syndrome and seizures, has been a registered patient since February. However, he failed to explain how he intended to use the marijuana. Nonetheless, as is with other casinos in Atlantic City, Revel permits smoking in designated zones.


Though the state’s medical marijuana regulations encourage patients to use the drug while at home, it has not banned the use of the drug in private commercial premises.

When contacted, Revel refused to comment on the matter.

A spokesperson with New Jersey’s Department of Health clarified that a private enterprise can create its own policies on the use of medical marijuana. The New Jersey Department of Gaming revealed that intends to conduct a campaign to urge casinos in the Atlantic City to draft their own policies on medical marijuana use within their premises.

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