New Jersey Borough Reviews Proposal for 5-Year Fracking Ban


New Jersey Borough Reviews Proposal for 5-Year Fracking BanA New Jersey borough is reviewing an ordinance that will ban fracking activities within its borders for 5 years. The Fair Lawn’s governing b debated the proposal on Tuesday a month after a similar proposal was tabled by the council’s Republican majority.

The new proposal was tabled again on Tuesday night in a council meeting chaired by Deputy Mayor Daniel Dunay, who was one of the strongest opponents to a similar proposal tabled by Councilman Kurt Peluso (D) that sought to ban fracking within the borough’s borders. However, Peluso’s draft sought to permanently ban fracking.

Fracking, which is also known as hydraulic fracturing, involves blasting a high-pressure solution of sand, water and chemicals into the shale rocks to release the trapped oil and natural gas. The use of this technique has been strongly opposed by environmentalists across the U.S., who argue that it contaminates groundwater sources.

Dunay’s proposal, which is set to be reviewed by the borough lawyer for more discussion by the council in its next meeting in a month, will ban fracking and related acts within Fair Lawn for 5 years. This includes fracking waste disposal and construction of pipelines to transport natural gas extracted using the technique.

“What I’ve attempted to draft here is language that is very specific to Fair Lawn and the potential fracking issues that we would be facing in Fair Lawn,” said Dunay, according to North

Borough Attorney Ronald Mondello said on Tuesday that an absolute ban may be in conflict with the constitution. He said that Fair Lawn or any other municipality has no authority to ban fracking, with the issue looking to be a state one, as the state’s moratorium expired in January 2013. He instead advocated the council should approve a resolution backing any state efforts to prohibit fracking or extend its moratorium.To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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