New evidence emerges after Ross Ulbricht’s private journal revelation


The Silk Road trial has been a hot topic lately. Ulbricht’s trial is gathering a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community as well as from many major media outlets. This time prosecutors presented a laptop in court which according to them is the computer federal agents had confiscated from Ross Ulbricht back in October 2013.

Agents went through a series of procedures to securely monitor the evidence found on this computer. And the amount of data pooled from Ulbricht’s computer was in fact enormous. Ulbricht’s defense will most likely have a chance to respond to all this the day after the evidence is presented. But the difficulties they will have to overcome are bigger than ever before during the trial.

According to his lawyer, Ross had walked away from maintaining the marketplace, but the admins that took over to become Dread Pirate Roberts lured him backTheir explanation to how all this data related to silk road was found in his computer is yet to come.

The laptop also contained what prosecutors describe as Ulbricht’s personal journal. It begins back in 2010. The journal revealed before being arrested Ulbricht had plans to allegedly create chat software, a currency exchange, and more, all under the “Silk Road brand.” The journal also contained some private chat logs. In some of the most interesting ones of those logs he writes:

“I felt compelled to reveal myself to her. It was terrible, […] I told her I have secrets…I’m so stupid.”

“Everyone knows I work on a bitcoin exchange, […] Everyone knows too much. Dammit.”

Aside from that, other important evidence like PGP private keys and html files all related to Silk Road were also pulled from his laptop. We’ll have to wait and see what his defense has to say about all this in court. For now Ulbricht’s attorneys have suggested that they’ll show that while Ulbricht did in fact create Silk Road, he gave it up to to the administrator who would become the Dread Pirate Roberts.

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