New Documentary to Explore Bitcoin Usage throughout North America


70 – Documentary filmmakers – Scott Glass and Lee Poichuk – are currently travelling throughout North America to record people’s everyday experience with Bitcoin. The set of footage will be compiled together in the end to create a full-fledged documentary, titled theBITmovie.

In their 30-day tour, Glass and Poichuk are planning to travel through 40 North American cities to document Bitcoin consumers, merchants, legislators, techies, and others. In the meantime, these filmmakers will also document their own use of Bitcoin throughout the journey. The resultant of all this would be an answer to this one important question: “How does Bitcoin impact your life now, and how can it change how you consume and engage in transactions in the future?”

“We’ve come on this journey to not only promote Bitcoin, but to also gain a true sense of where things are really at,” Glass said when explaining the theme of theBITmovie. “In our experience, Bitcoin use is still in its very early stages. We want to educate viewers as we educate ourselves by becoming completely immersed in the world of Bitcoin.”

“Through our own trip experiences and interviews, we’re finding that Bitcoin has a huge potential to make an impact on how we as humans interact economically. Whether it’s earning, spending or even donating money, we want to illuminate how revolutionary a currency like Bitcoin can be.”

The filmmakers’ journey has already started in Toronto, Canada, on November 22 and includes stops in the following areas: Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Pensacola, Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit to name a few.

Glass and Poichuk are also finding this project as an excuse to do some philanthropy work. For instance, the filmmakers volunteered for a Thanksgiving event at the Women’s Lunch Place – a community to help poor and homeless women. They further plan to continue participating in humanitarian works through Bitcoin, in each city they visit.

To follow the team’s journey, viewers can subscribe to theBITmovie YouTube video diary updates, or follow the project’s social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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