New Darkcoin Wallet Launched, Coin Picks Momentum Once Again


Recovery key on the computer keyboard – As we speculated earlier in one of our articles, the launch of the new Darkcoin wallet has finally come to aid the con’s falling value. It seems like the investors and miners are once again taking interest in the Bitcoin notorious cousin Darkcoin (can be seen in its price rise in last 24 hours), led by the positive sentiment created by the launch.

Earlier, a bug inside the cryptocurrency’s recently launched RC2 masternode payment system gave intensification to certain fork issues, after which most of the miners complained about unknowingly mining on the wrong blockchain. What exactly had happened was that that the changes made went horribly wrong and created a series of forks to the Darkcoin blockchain. As a result, the mined Darkcoin during that period was being speculated to simply going into nothing. Leading exchanges, after the event, also halted their Darkcoin transactions as well.


Few days after the alleged inside attack, the Darkcoin team revealed their stiff stand against the issue and ensured community with their efforts on restoring the network to its original state – the one before the introduction of RC2 masternodes. Few days ago, another announcement from the Darkcoin Team claimed to have resolved the every issue related to the network, and further informed users about the launch of a new Darkcoin pool, Simple Pool, where the latter could mine the coin without any aforementioned troubles.

A day later the launch of the pool, the team also addressed few queries regarding the old wallet not syncing with the new pool. The result came with the launch of an entire new wallet. So to summarize, the Darkcoin team first restored its network, launched a new pool, along with a wallet that is easily compatible with the network, as well as the pool.

The Darkcoin representative also confirmed on Reddit that the assets of exchanges and wallets are safe, ending the days of hysteria investors were living in. The post said: “Some exchanges have frozen trading for precaution but assets on exchanges and wallets are safe. The issue should be resolved with the patch. Masternode payments will be re-introduced after reviewing the problem and eliminating the problematic functionality.”

As a result, Darkcoin is stable now and has risen over 30% in last 24 hours.

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