New Cryptocurrency Tipping App Gets Approved on Facebook


New Cryptocurrency Tipping App Approved on Facebook – After the successful implementation of QuickCoin’s Facebook-integrated Bitcoin wallets, it seems that the cryptocurrency sector is eventually finding acceptance at this social network giant. This claim gets further solidified with a latest report, revealing Facebook’s approval of a new Dogecoin tipping app.

According to a Reddit post submitted just few hours back, The Doge Tipping has made its way inside the Facebook club, opening Dogecoin’s door to site’s internal gaming apps that uses Facebook Payment options for now. One notable thing although is the Facebook Terms and Conditions that clearly prohibits users from using other payment methods. Their acceptance of another tipping app is contradictory to their previous rulings. Excerpt:

“All other payment options are prohibited within games on or Mobile Web unless they go through Facebook Payments rather than directly through that payment option. By “Payment Method” we mean any method that allows a user to complete a transaction in a game that is on or Mobile Web, including, without limitation, by exchanging monetary value for virtual currency or virtual goods, whether directly at the time of purchase or via any previous transaction such as the user’s earlier purchase of a prepaid gift card or electronic code.”


Meanwhile, it may be possible that Facebook is altering its existing policies in order to remain more tech-friendly. One thing we missed above is the social network approving one more Multicoin Tipping app that was submitted alongside The Doge Tipping by their developer Alejandro Caballero. The Multicoin Tipping App will support Dogecoin, as well as Reddcoin, Quark, Fedoracoin, WorldCoin, Vertcoin, and other altcoins.

The tipping mechanism will although be only functional from Facebook groups; thus users will be required to join them in order to the reap benefits after which they can tip friends and strangers. “The Multicoin app does not sell any coin as well”, cleared Alejandro.

The developer also revealed the basic premises under which the app won’t be able to tip others. This situation will arise when users have selected the option if they don’t want to be tagged and have tagged people who wish not to be tagged at first place.

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