New Bitcoin Survey: 65% of Americans Never Heard of Cryptocurrency


New Bitcoin Survey: 65% of Americans Never Heard of Cryptocurrency — According to a survey conducted under the supervision of Coin Centre, it is found that over 65% of American population are not aware of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Among the respondents who actually knew a little-or-two about Bitcoin, only 20% were found to have been using, or have used them in past. A Reason-Rupe survey conducted in April last year also revealed that around 56% of US customers didn’t know anything about Bitcoin, while 19% simply claimed to know “a lot” about cryptocurrencies. If we have to compare these two findings considering the error-rates, almost nothing happened in Bitcoin industry in terms of marketing.

Coin Centre however is backing it survey’s accuracy by naming Google Consumer Surveys as its chief tool. The latter, which is also used for conducting political surveys, has a reputation for being nearly errorless. An excerpt from the the report says:

“The survey sample comes from what google calls the “General Population in the United States on the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network.” Basically that’s people who come across paywall websites and choose to answer surveys rather than subscribe to the publication. If that sounds like a biased sample, then worry not. Google helps identify the respondents by gender, age, and income and weights the responses in order to better simulate the General American population.”

It leaves us with two scenarios: either Bitcoin is still in its infancy stage, which means it is hopeful to grow further in coming times; or the cryptocurrency is simply not good enough to cast a look on. We just hope its the former.

You can read the entire report here.