New Bitcoin ATM Appears at Moksa, a Pan Asian Restaurant

New Bitcoin ATM Appears at Moksa, a Pan Asian Restaurant
New Bitcoin ATM Appears at Moksa, a Pan Asian Restaurant

New Bitcoin ATM Appears at Moksa, a Pan Asian Restaurant

Located close to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Moksa, a pan Asian restaurant has got the first Bitcoin ATM at the locality. Thus, it is going to provide an exciting experience for the students who were offered a couple of hundred dollars in an experiment at MIT. Moksa is expected to gain even more popularity thanks to the latest buzz.

The strategic location of the restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts’s buzzing Central Square is the reason that the Bitcoin ATM Company installed one machine here. Owned and run by Solomon and Rokeya Chowdhury, the restaurant serves a wide variety of Asian-inspired tapas alongside an award-winning beverage programs for customers.

The restaurant website claims that Moksa allows guests to enjoy multiple styles and flavors throughout the meal and is perfect for large groups, social gatherings, after-work cocktails as well as lunch and dinner with friends in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. The latest addition of Bitcoin ATM will help it further gain ground among the hip crowd.

Nestled inside Naga, one of the city’s most sought-after entertainment venues, the restaurant will become popular among the ones who are into hi-tech and open for innovative payment methods like Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies.
Educating the New People about Bitcoin

The fundamental aim of the measure to install Bitcoin ATM at Moksa is to provide access and education to people and according to Kyle Powers and Chris Yim, the co-founders of Liberty Teller ATMs; they are looking to solve these two as these are Bitcoin’s biggest near-term problems.


In one press release Kyle Powers said that before Bitcoin goes mainstream, getting and using it needs to be as simple as possible. He says that his kiosks and tutorials are helping his organization make that happen and people understand that Bitcoin makes sending money like sending email, and makes the current ways of sending money look like snail mail.

In a similar statement Chris Yim, an alumnus of MIT, with an undergraduate degree in Engineering says that Cambridge and Boston are starting to become a major hub of Bitcoin activity. The latest decision to install Bitcoin ATM at the location will help his organization further educate the ordinary users.

He suggests that the MIT Expo this past Saturday was a prime example of that and his group has been going to meet-ups for a while now, and every few months it seems like the attendance doubles.

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