New Bitcoin App Released on Apple’s App Store


New Bitcoin App Released on Apple’s App Store – Over a week before, we saw how Apple went against its earlier policies on digital currencies, and further announced to modify its current guidelines to publish cryptocurrency apps on its App Store. The announcement was met with overwhelming response from both Bitcoin and Apple users.

“Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions,” the announcement said.

We now see how these advantageous moves are shaping into reality. Just few hours back, a new Bitcoin wallet app, called Coin Pocket, was released on the App Store and subsequently became the first fully-approved cryptocurrency application to join the prestigious iOS Club. Earlier, Apple had approved eGifter new updates, which included Bitcoin support as well.

Likewise most of the Bitcoin wallet apps, Coin Packet too will all be about sending and receiving Bitcoin, but this time from an iOS device. The app will also make it possible for users to check out Bitcoin prices from three distinctive sources. Coin Pocket is created by Enriquez Software LLC and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices, with at least iOS 7.1 installed in it.

The app is already receiving favourable comments from its first of users. An anonymous App Store user comments:

“Finally Apple is letting Bitcoin wallet apps in the App Store (with no sending restrictions). Love that this is open-source and overall very clean. I would love to have a pin to open the actual app up and have the ability to manage multiple wallets, but not needed at this time.”

Another Apple user also calls it a neat app, but seems rather confused about its security. But the reputation of Apple of accepting only the most secure apps is renowned enough, so for now we can trust Coin Pocket, and many Bitcoin apps that will soon follow.

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