New API Enables Merchants to Accept Major Cryptocurrencies


New API Enables Merchants to Accept Major Cryptocurrencies – In times when Bitcoin is outshining every other cryptocurrency in terms of merchant adoption, Ziftr has launched a new API that would enable online merchants to accept almost every major cryptocurrency that is out there. The New Hampshire-based company specializes in developing tools and products for online retail sites. It currently is offering its services to over 200 different retails.

There is hardly any need to explain the positive impacts this Ziftr-led API can bring to the cryptocurrency clan. Other than Bitcoin, the company has highlighted Litecoin to be one of those major cryptocurrencies which will be available for online retailers to accept. The only problem here is the lack of information on other digital currencies. In its press release, Ziftr never once mentioned the name of “other” cryptocurrencies that will get the same benefits like Litecoin. For the sake of a wild guess, we are expecting Dogecoin and Darkcoin to be in the list.

But ignoring the flip sides, we can still praise Ziftr for also offering few additional services with their API. For instance, the company is offering “real-time pricing and inventory updates; access to additional sales channels, including Ziftr Marketplace and Lycos Shopping; complete control of their brand and the ability to quickly fix discrepancies in prices, product descriptions and more.”

Ziftr furthermore announced to soon launch its very own cryptocurrency, which will be supported by their API as well. Dubbed as ZiftrCoin™, the digital currency will make its way inside the circulation zone on January 26th next year, upon which it will be circulated among the users.

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