Neutrino Coin Enters the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies Club


Neutrino Coin Enters the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies Club – The population inside the cryptocurrency clan is rising with a higher rate than those of India and China combined. Every day we hear of multiple coins being launched, each with its own distinctive quality. Some rise to fame little by little, while others just vanish into thin air without notice.

And then there comes a third kind which become an overnight sensation in the cryptocurrency market. The last time we heard of such a coin was during the trend of national-based cryptocurrencies, in which Iceland based Auroracoin and Israel-based Isracoin grabbed the top ranks in terms of market cap. They were dismissed later on and now seem invisible.


So what is the fate of Neutrino – a coin whose birthdate is still unknown to most of us? We only know that this gem has risen over 300% in the last 24 hours and has reached to the prestigious 9th place in the top ten market caps, beating BlackCoin by a short margin. On which rank it was hanging before, unknown. For how long, don’t know.

Upon visiting its attractively designed website, we came before the most common description used by digital currencies nowadays. Like any other coins, Neutrino defines itself by emphasizing on words like “decentralized”, “privacy, and “security”. But what ultimately captures our imagination is Tor – the messiah-like software that enables internet users to stay under the hood, and stay as anonymous as little Picky from the army of ants.

So in the end, the thing we thought was fishy turns out to be a great sea food. Here is the definition of this new coin meanwhile, as said by the website:

“Neutrino is a decentralized crypto-currency designed to protect the privacy and security of your financial transactions using Tor,” and “the Neutrino developers are focused on protecting the privacy of financial transactions, including implementing Transaction Isolation, ensuring your personal transaction data is not revealed to third parties”, and “all communication on the Neutrino network is encrypted using Tor, an open-source utility trusted by millions to help protect their privacy on the Internet,” and (trust me it’s the last one) “Neutrino breaks the link between the end users and the rest of the network, allowing users to transact without revealing their location.”

That was a ride wasn’t it?

So the ultimate question however is how Neutrino got lucky overnight and turned into Jordan Belfort from Jack Dawson? A massive pump seems to be safe answer. The coin surely has friends at right places, which might have purposely pushed its prices to make a viable appearance in the cryptocurrency markets. We are sure that the communities of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and several other coins might have twisted their heads by now to have a look at this hot coin. But for how long will it sustain there that is the question. We will stay updated on this new chick in the town, and will keep you informed.

Neutrino – Welcome to the cryptocurrency family.

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