Netherlands-based Company Launches ASIC and FPGA Litecoin Miners

Netherlands-based Company Launches ASIC and FPGA Litecoin Miners

Netherlands-based Company Launches ASIC and FPGA Litecoin Miners

Mining ASIC Technologies BV have launched two new SCRYPT Litecoin Miners and is planning to start their shipment within Q3/Q4 2014 – Netherlands based Mining ASIC Technologies BV (MAT), in partnership with Germany based Dream Chip Technologies, have announced the availability of its two new Litecoin miners. Both the products – EXCALIBUR ASIC SCRYPT Litecoin Miner and PLATINUM FPGA SCRYPT Litecoin Miner – are currently in development process, but are available to pre-order.

As per the information available on the MAT’s website, the EXCALIBUR ASIC SCRYPT Litecoin Miner will be available to ship within third and fourth quarter of the year 2014, while the PLATINUM FPGA SCRYPT Litecoin Miner’s shipment will start in August 2014.
Currently both the Litecoin miners are made available to pre-order upon paying an advance deposit of 35% of their original price. For EXCALIBUR ASIC SCRYPT Litecoin Miner, customers will have to pay €1,749.65 in advance, while for the other product, the payable advance will be €1,049.65.


It’s a moment of relief of several Litecoin miners who, until now, was relying on expensive Graphic Card Units. Recently, the leading semiconductor chip manufacturing company AMD had also increased prices on its Radeon series high-end graphic cards, which are considered to be ideal tools in mining Litecoins.

The arrival of MAT’s Litecoin miners will surely lift the burden off Litecoin miner’s shoulders to buy such expensive GPUs that, despite of being reliable for mining Litecoin, consumes much electricity due to lower hash rates. While the EXCALIBUR and PLATINUM Litecoin miners are specially designed to mine Litecoins only, and require no system setup; hence saving power consumption up to large extents. Their maximum hash rates are 50 MH/s and 10 MH/s, respectively, which are much higher than the AMD GPUs.

The MAT’s Litecoin Miners are also focusing on mining other cryptocurrencies, as per the claims made by the company. Excerpts:

“Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others have the ability to change payments in the world forever. Participate now and mine your own cryptocurrencies with your SCRYPT ASIC miner or Bitcoin ASIC miner from Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. (MAT)! Our miners are also designed to support and mine other cryptocurrencies in the future as we see new currencies facing the light”.

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