NETDNA LLC, A Content Delivery Network Now Accepting Bitcoins

Now it’s Israeli Banks Resisting Bitcoins
Now it’s Israeli Banks Resisting Bitcoins

The financial market is now divided into two communities – one which uses the traditional transaction method via paper or online currency, regulated by higher authorities, while the other is miniscule but the slowly expanding Bitcoin community, which use this unregulated and democratic virtual currency as their mode of transactions.

The acceptance of Bitcoins is still at large with its growing popularity among business owners and traders around the world. Following which, NETDNA LLC, a renowned Content Delivery Network, has recently announced that their organization will now accept bitcoins.

The open source organization recently released a statement mentioning the enabling of Bitcoin acceptance on their portal. The statement revealed that the organization was continuously getting requests from its community and by accepting Bitcoin, it is just being responsive. “Developers, a core portion of our customer base, are requesting this payment method and we’re excited to use the emerging “coin of the realm” for transactions”, stated an excerpt from the statement.

“We’ve partnered with BitPay as our payment service provider (currently, no refunds are possible with Bitcoin orders). In addition to our core CDN offering, we plan on adding Bitcoin support for add-on purchases as well. Here’s looking to a bright future for this new currency.”

With such positive announcements after last week’s mishap in which US regulatory seized Bitcoin transactions, one may guess that the Bitcoin future is walking on a tight rope. Though, the funambulist within Bitcoin clearly reflects that with the right image and trust, it will receive the world’s acceptance.

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