Netagio Launches Additional USD and EUR Order Book on its Bitcoin/GBP exchange


Netagio Launches Additional USD and EUR Order Book on its Bitcoin/GBP exchange

In an announcement, leading Bitcoin exchange Netagio, says that it has launched additional USD and EUR order books on its already established Bitcoin/GBP exchange. Thus, according to the company, after launching the BTC/GBP exchange earlier in July this year, the addition of USD and EUR is going to help the customers and give them two new choices.

Nonetheless, with the decision Netagio has expanded their offering to the US Dollar and Euro trading capabilities in reflection of the overall Bitcoin marketplace, which sees 27% of all Bitcoin trading occurring in USD markets and 2.5% in the EUR markets. The company says that with it users can exchange directly between Bitcoin, British pounds, US Dollars and Euro, now.

The press release from Netagio says, “To get started, open your account online and fund it with GBP, USD, EUR or Bitcoin (other national currencies will be conveniently converted to GBP). Then you’re ready to exchange these with other customers around the world.” Thus, the company offers an easy to use platform for customers.

However, if some users find it sounds tricky, they need not worry, as it will take all the hassle out of it by finding people who want to sell what they want to buy and vice versa, and all within seconds. Thus, according to Netagio users can either specify the price that they want to exchange at, or go with someone else’s price.

Customers from More Than 114 Countries to Benefit

Nonetheless, in a statement to the users the company has admitted that in case the users are not interested in selling their Bitcoin, it will look after them with its highly-secure and specialized storage offering. It further says what users ultimately want to do with their savings is completely up to them; however, if they need any help along the way, they can reach to it.

Netagio can be reached by phone, email and online chat. Thus, it not just offers excellent customer care but also an exclusive opportunity for retail customers and institutional investors from 114 countries to buy and sell Bitcoin for USD and EUR as well as GBP continuously, cost-effectively and securely on its peer-to-peer exchange platform. Nonetheless, international customers no longer need to make initial deposits in GBP to buy Bitcoin.

Also, the company has eliminated any exchange-rate potential cost implications to further help the customers. It operates to the highest regulatory and compliance standards, having all the required anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and controls in place; thus, it claims that customers can trust it.

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