As Nebraska gets Bitcoin ATM Prospects Expand Further


As Nebraska gets the first Bitcoin ATM Prospects Expand Further

Nebraska has got Bitcoin ATM at Jones Bros. Cupcakes in Aksarben Village of Omaha and this according to the local Bitcoin supporters is expected to give a boost to the Bitcoin ecosystem locally. The machine is from Zenbox of California, which is known for its performance and user-friendly features as well expected to provide an excellent experience to local users.

According to the locals, it is the centerpiece of a growing infiltration of Bitcoin throughout Omaha, with fifteen businesses joining Bitcoin in 2014. Even Edward Wenigar of Alpha Bitcoin, the company responsible for bringing the BTM to Omaha says that there’s kind of a start-up to it; however, they hope it will gain traction soon.

He says that the typical Bitcoin user is generally an affluent male with tech experience, so Aksarben Village is right up the alley as far as what the company is looking for in terms of potential. The machine allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin right inside the walls of Jones Bros. as well as buy a cupcake with Bitcoin.

Edward Wenigar further said that his company did quite a bit of canvassing, calling and trying to find the right spot for the Bitcoin ATM. Nonetheless, the machine is going to simplify the process of buying Bitcoin, which normally must be done through an online “exchange” that operates similar to a bank.

Users will pay Fee between 5-7% per transaction

Using the machine is easy for users what they need to do is type in their phone number, get a special code that is entered into the machine, choose to buy Bitcoin (or a portion of a Bitcoin), scan their mobile Bitcoin wallet on the machine and they are prompted to insert cash. Then their Bitcoin balance is updated on their mobile wallet to reflect the purchase.

The use of machine is not free though as it has been placed between 5-7% per transaction. Thus, the price of a Bitcoin is adjusted during the purchasing process and the fees are split between Zenbox and Alpha Bitcoin. However, this still will be cheaper than other payment options available in the market.

With no merchant fees associated with each transaction, and the payment processing being both anonymous and untraceable, with few security risks for identity theft or data breaches, this is a very attractive payment alternative for Jones Bros.

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