NBA Team Integrates Bitcoin Payment Option to its Online Store


NBA Team Integrates Bitcoin Payment Option to its Online Store – Santa Cruz Warriors became the first NBA team to integrate Bitcoin payments to its online ticketing store. The Santa Cruz-based American team partnered with PayStand, Inc., a next generation online payment solution company that will provide an easy and comfortable checkout process for the users-fans. In return, PayStand announced to sponsor Santa Cruz Warriors for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PayStand, a company also based here in Santa Cruz,” said Jim Weyermann, President of the Santa Cruz Warriors, in a press release. “By working with this innovative tech company, we are supporting our community and helping to boost local economic development. This marketing partnership is providing PayStand with the opportunity to demonstrate their unique payments solution and helping to as establish them as a vendor in the world of professional sports.”

PayStand’s CEO Jeremy Almond also returned the gesture by praising Santa Cruz Warriors. As the company is itself based in Santa Cruz, Almond glorified their partnership with a hometown basketball team, saying they will be honored to help to process ticket sales for the fans. “We are giving fans many options for how they want to pay while also bringing down transaction costs for the team, providing a win for everyone involved,” he added.

Other than Bitcoin, users will be able to buy tickets via credit card and eCheck.

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