My Wallet LTD to Install BTC ATMs in London, Berlin and Other Capital Cities in Europe


My Wallet LTD to Install BTC ATMs in London, Berlin and Other Capital Cities in Europe

Though several of the European cities have Bitcoin ATMs, the forward-looking cryptocurrency brokerage house, My Wallet Ltd. is promising that it will install the Bitcoin ATMs in London and Berlin and several other capital cities of the continent. In a press release the organization claims that it wants to revolutionize Bitcoin eco-system helping Bitcoin users get BTC ATMs in Europe.

Nonetheless, as the Bitcoin ATM according to the company will offer clients a way to sell Bitcoin instantly and securely without worrying about the hassles of verification and delays often associated with using a standard computer and network connection, a lot of new users will start subscribing to the services.

The press release says, “When customers use the Bitcoin ATMs to sell Bitcoin, they will still receive the same premium offers My Wallet LTD announced earlier in the month: through end of day (GMT) on 23 May 2015, the company will offer those looking to sell up to 50 Bitcoin a 10% premium on the day’s rate as established by the Bitcoin exchange BitStamp.”

However, according to the press release Bitcoin sellers ready to sell more than 50 units will be welcomed to negotiate even higher premiums on a case-by-case basis. Nonetheless, the organization has made it sure that by unveiling the lead role to install Bitcoin ATMs enabling point-of-sale Bitcoin exchanges in European cities, it is expanding the idea of Bitcoin.

Company Intends to Install Multiple Bitcoin ATMs in European Cities

Also, as the company says that it initially plans to install two Bitcoin ATMs in London, and one unit in Berlin, with intentions to install multiple more units in other major cities in the near future, it will be trying to set standards for other organizations in the industry. Nonetheless, the move looks to bring Bitcoin more into the spotlight of everyday living.

Talking to media professionals My Wallet LTD CEO Maureen Facey said, “Our intention is no less than to see My Wallet Bitcoin ATMs on every continent soon. We see no reason why every capital and other major metropolitan area in the world won’t be seeing a Bitcoin ATM.”

Maureen Facey further added, “When a client can sell BTC instantly and without hassle, when the process is as simple as using a regular ATM, that’s when Bitcoin will have truly established itself as the financial instrument we here at My Wallet know it is capable of doing.”

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