MTPredictor Review

MTPredictor Review

The MTPredictor software has been chosen by many traders to accompany them while they trade on the forex market. The software is notable in simplifying the Elliott Wave theory, according to a number of recent clients we’ve spoken to. The MTPredictor review below takes an insight into what this software really has to offer potential customers.

Company Information

Founded in:
Bristol, United Kingdom
The Owner:
MTPredictor Ltd
+1 270 904 4265, +44 11 7985 4397
Languages available:

Main Features

You can use all the features the MTPredictor software consists of to your advantage. You can benefit from trade size functionalities and the risk/reward analysis feature. There is an optional standard charting package that can be added to your trading strategy while you trade your favorite assets. There is the training mode, giving you the ability to scroll through the bars of your chosen chart.
The MTPredictor gives you unrivalled market insight – helping you to become a professional Trader using Elliott Wave.

Use the Elliott Wave Software to

Find low risk trade opportunities
Assess which trade is worth the risk
Determine how much to risk on each trade
Control your exit strategy – cut losses/run profits
Choose between real-time or end-of-day trading tools
Master your trades in stocks, commodities, futures and forex
The Simple 4-Stage Process to Success
MTPredictor software uses a clear 4-Stage Process, taking the best of Elliott Wave theory to help you find and control low risk/high return trades.
1. Find a Trade
2. Assess your Risk/Reward
3. Determine your Position Size
4. Control your Exit Strategy

Customer Support

There is an excellent support team, giving you the chance to contact MTPredictor staff via phone and email. There are a variety of international numbers and email address, letting you get in touch with the right individual and department. We tried both the phone and email support, and experienced quick responses. The person we spoke to via phone advised us on the best way to get started with the MTPredictor software. The email support team took about 40 minutes to reply to our message, which is a reasonable time span.

User Friendly

The user experience is simple with the MTPredictor software, especially as the website is easily navigable. The live demo of the program is a big plus for traders who want to understand exactly how the software works. There are also useful video tutorials of the software, showing the variety of technical methods which can be used while trading on the forex market. Therefore, novice traders can immediately use the Elliott Wave in a simple manner.

Ultimate Overview

The overall working of the software impressed us greatly, as you can use it throughout your online forex trading experience. You can manage your trades clearly and efficiently with this advanced software. Additionally, this software helps you determine what sum to invest within each trade. The MTPredictor software is user friendly for traders of all levels who want to be able to use advanced trading strategies during their forex trading experience.