Mt. Gox Reopens Website, Lets Clients Check Bitcoin Balance


Mt. Gox is Back, But Not with a Bang – The world’s most controversial currency exchange Mt. Gox reopened its website this Monday to literally show “Where is our Money?” The defunct Bitcoin exchange has allowed users to log-in and see how much is left in their wallets. The funny thing is that that it has allowed only this.

Until this date, Mt. Gox has a total of 750,000 Bitcoins, a number which is ‘hell-low’ than what they owe to customers. Despite of putting all the users’ account details on its reincarnated website, the company is still using the “Civil Rehabilitation Procedure” card to avoid receiving rehabilitation claims. In English, it means any bankrupt organization is allowed not to entertain investors’ requests of returns.


Meanwhile, the number of customers who are filing lawsuits against Mt. Gox is increasing like fire-in-the-jungle. Although Mt. Gox had previously issued a statement, explaining how the people’s investment have gone to dust.

The idea of putting the picture of people’s money but holding them from withdrawing it does not help the already-fallen reputation of Mt. Gox. It is hardly convenient for the users, says one of the users on Twitter while mocking the Mt. Gox’s statement, stating, “This balance confirmation service is provided on this site only for the convenience of all users.” Pun Intended? Seriously?

The teasing statement may influence more customers to corner Mt. Gox in coming times. Their money is there, and they want it back. Meanwhile, we will all have to wait for Mt. Gox to make further announcements.

We will keep you updated.

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