Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Refuses to Testify in US


Mt. Gox CEO Mark Kerpeles Refuses to Testify in US – Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles might be one such person whose high-regards for law changes according to the country. After announcing to cooperate with the Tokyo Police regarding the Mt. Gox probe, the man refused to visit the Unites States in response to a directive given by the creditors of the demised cryptocurrency exchange.

According to many of them, Mark Karpeles is held responsible for the unforgivable security lapse at Mt. Gox that led to its shutdown eventually. There are several class-action lawsuits waiting for him, the reason maybe he is trying to avoid an appearance in the Unites States.


Mark Karpeles, on the other hand, has indicated that he is ready to be questioned by lawyers, but from Taiwan instead, using video conferencing. The plaintiffs, Gregory Greene and Joseph Lack, didn’t receive this response happily, calling it “an unjustifiable misuse of judicial resources.” They had even accepted to pay for Karpeles’ travel expenses and accommodations in the US, but nothing could impress the Mt. Gox CEO.

Gregory and Joseph’s lawyer Steven Woodrow even hinted in his statement that Mark Karpeles is simply misusing the temporary protection he has received from the Northern District of US. ”He is someone who has availed himself of the protection of the United States courts and he wants all the advantages of a foreign representative who’s been forthright, transparent and open without being forthright, transparent or open,” he said.

He also accused Mark Karpeles’s attorneys to avoid the whole matter, and for providing no definite answer to his refusal towards appearing in US. “For some reason, Mr. Karpeles seems averse to coming to the United States. His attorneys won’t tell us why,” he added.

The Suspicion over Mt. Gox Darkening?
A day before, CCN has provided substantial evidence that Mt. Gox was not attacked by any transaction malleability attack. The exchange further had lost a very little coins of what it has originally claimed in front of the media and investors. You can see this report here.

We will keep updating you with every major to minuscule information as soon as the matter further unfolds. Keep watching this space.

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