Now Accepts Bitcoin, Hopes for Increase in Sales and Visibility


MovieTickets Accepts Bitcoin announces that it is receiving Bitcoin from customers by which it aims not just to increase sales but visibility as well. is a worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing and a top destination for news, celebrity interviews, movie reviews and trailers and offers moviegoers a quick and convenient way to purchase tickets online, via mobile device.

In a press release the company informs that as all-digital currency is turning out to be a boon for the online ticket selling site, the decision has been reached now. Additionally, with consumers constantly demanding more ways to quickly and easily pay for goods online, the company thinks Bitcoin is emerging as an increasingly popular transaction method.

Use Bitcoin to Buy Tickets

The company announces that now onwards movie-goers can use Bitcoin to buy tickets for approximately 900 movie theaters in the United States. Though it started accepting Bitcoin back in June, the program is showing early signs of success only now as the decision is helping out in getting increased visibility and profile.

Nonetheless, best of all, the company is reporting hundreds of purchases via Bitcoin so far. Interestingly, the company is quite honest about its decision to accept Bitcoin payment when it says that it decided to do so not because it has libertarian view but for pragmatic embrace of business principles and the desire to create publicity and increase ticket sales.

It appears clear that the decision by MovieTickets so far has been good as Bitcoin is delivering on both fronts. Additionally, it being one of the larger companies to accept Bitcoin as payment makes it even more popular. Founded in 2000, the company has agreements with approximately 240 movie theater chains in the United States.

Payment Facilitated by GoCoin

Additionally, MovieTickets is one of the largest online retailers for movie tickets and one of the largest companies to official accept Bitcoin as a payment. Some other companies like WordPress, Subway, Target, Zynga, have set up ways to accept Bitcoin as a payment, often by using a middle man service that quickly converts Bitcoin into cash.

Nonetheless, in MovieTickets’ case the payments are facilitated by GoCoin, which is one of the hottest Bitcoin startups in the market right now. Moreover, as GoCoin makes it easy for any business to accept Bitcoins and other digital currencies, such as Dogecoin and litecoin by converting digital currencies into the cold, hard cash that businesses crave.

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