Moolah Faces Criticism over Poor Customer Support



Moolah Faces Criticism over Poor Customer Support – No matter what promises Moolah website makes to their customers while luring them to join, it still seems far from delivering them. The reason is the continuously falling standards of their customer support, which has indeed turned away a huge chunk of the client-base from their cryptocurrency trading platform.

The proof of such allegations lies in a recent complaint submitted on Reddit which openly accuses Moolah of deliberately ignoring customers’ queries. Restarter, one of the dissatisfied Moolah user, posts that the exchange is not activating his account despite meeting all the necessary conditions. “I’d been waiting to make one measly trade – the value of which has since fluctuated out of my price range – for nearly two weeks, and the profit I hoped to make on the trade has now vanished with it. Why? Their ‘dev’, who I can only imagine is The Man from Del Monte, is away for the weekend, and so can’t help,” he added.

While no representative from the exchange replied to the aforementioned complaint in the initial stages, other dissatisfied customers took this opportunity to post their monotonous frustrations against Moolah. As the comment section grew, we encountered many accusations against the exchange. A majority of them was for their slow and non-responsive customer service, while other accused their poorly-skilled development team, fraudulent tactics, etc. In the process, one customer even called Moolah a “scam exchange”.

A Moolah representative later appeared and ensured the customers to fix the issues they are facing.

The pile of complaints are still growing, suggesting how Moolah is unable to deliver the very basic thing which every customer requires. Not only this leads to bad publicity, but Moolah can actually lose a large chunk of its returns of its customer-base eventually. We do expect them to restore their original self in becoming one of the top and most reliable digital currency exchanges.

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