Moolah Accuses CryptoRush Owners of Fraud and Blackmail


Moolah Accuses CryptoRush Owners of Fraud and Blackmailing – CryptoRush may soon rush towards its extinction, especially amidst the growing negative sentiment it has been facing by its customers over its alleged fraudulent activities. The recent one to throw denunciations on this digital currency exchange is Moolah, which recently accused it of cheating customers, and blackmailing Moolah when they tried to reason with them.

As per the blog post available on their site, cryptocurrency payment platform Moolah is quite sure about CryptoRush owners knowingly selling insolvent “CryptoRushShares” to its customers, which worth around 1200 BTC. This was in response to a number of community members which Moolah was representing to recover their lost money from CryptoRush.


At first, Moolah tried to reason with CryptoRush to see if “there could be any attempt at salvaging them” but they instead met with arrogance and blasphemy by the latter’s owners. “After finding out more information,” wrote the Moolah Good Guy, “I retracted the offer. I have learned that “Kristian” (apparently the sole owner) was aware that CRS was a complete and utter scam, and I have learned that he is endorsing the pump of a few coins that the “new owner” is involved in. At this stage, I am more than confident that there has been active harm caused to the community by these owners (not just “Fyr”).”

What all Moolah’s official asked from the CryptoRush’s owners Kristian, aka “Linakdzelda”, was to see a way through which they can assume their liability over the recurrent losses and further return customers their money from the profits they make. The former also suggested Linakdzelda to halt its trading and declare bankruptcy to avoid expected legal actions.

He though didn’t take the suggestions so well and replied with threats to finish Moolah if it comes back to power. Moolah later pointed out a certain wickedness in CryptoRush that, despite of defrauding community, focus mainly on regaining power and finishing a company that just gave a mere “suggestion”.

The story although didn’t end right there. Linakdzelda added his so-called anonymous lawyer Simec to a Skype conversation with Moolah’s official. The official, on the other hand, invited its Chief of Operations Landon Merrill to act as a reliable evidence of the whole conversation.

What happened there was an uncivilized conversation.

As per Moolah’s blog post, Linakdzelda and his lawyer Simec said that if they “did not immediately stop discussing CryptoRush, they would be making their offshore management public knowledge.” The company later said they do not worry about such threats as they have already disclosed every inch of detail on public platforms.

While the evidence of this alleged conversation is yet to make public, but one cannot deny the falling reputation of CryptoRush as a once-renowned altcoin exchange. Moolah’s accusations have further led them to the verge of shutdown. Another Mt. Gox in making!

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