Monoprix Mulling Plan to Accept Bitcoin by End of 2014

Monoprix Mulling Plan to Accept Bitcoin by End of 2014
Monoprix Mulling Plan to Accept Bitcoin by End of 2014

Monoprix Mulling Plan to Accept Bitcoin by End of 2014

A French newspaper reported that Monoprix is mulling a plan to accept Bitcoins by the end of this year. In an interview with the newspaper JDN, Patrick Walid, e-commerce director at Monoprix said that Bitcoins are not a flash in the pan and it is important to start his learning curve without waiting.

Patrick Walid says that Monoprix, a French retail chain with its headquarters in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, (France), has always been a pioneer position and the latest decision to accept Bitcoin by the end of the year is towards the same direction wherein it will be accommodating the customers who wish to pay in the digital currency.

Citing some historical evidence that show that his company thinks out of the box, he said that it was the first to launch bio MDD. He said that the approach on the part of Monoprix will be similar to the one that it adapted with bio MDD. Admitting that Bitcoin is an alternative currency, a means of payment, he said that it could revolutionize the business.

Answering to the question what he sees specific in Bitcoin that he wants his organizations to accept them, Patrick Walid said that in 3-5 years, consumers have changed a lot and so has their method to pay. Now they don’t need to carry cash or gold when they are traveling. He said that his organization is still in the learning curve.

To the question whether he is planning to accept Bitcoins only on the merchant site Monoprix, or also in store via a mobile application, Patrick Walid replied that priority would be the site, but his company will discuss web and mobile channels simultaneously. So by extension, the stores would probably also be involved.


“A lot of Misunderstanding about Bitcoin,” Patrick Walid

Patrick Walid expressed his views on Bitcoin’s future and said that it will have new opportunities and his organization is working on Bitcoin as it works on Euros. The question that none in France has Bitcoins does not bother Mr. Walid who says that there is great misunderstanding about Bitcoin in France.

He says that a lot of misunderstanding about Bitcoin that it is about money laundering, money thieves, etc. makes it difficult for people to get clarity. He does not doubt Bitcoin and says that may be by the end of 2014 and in the worst case scenario in 2015, his organization will be ready to venture in to Bitcoin.

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