Moncton in New Brunswick Gets Its First Bitcoin Machine

Moncton in New Brunswick Gets Its First Bitcoin Machine
Moncton in New Brunswick Gets Its First Bitcoin Machine

Moncton in New Brunswick Gets Its First Bitcoin Machine

Moncton, a Canadian city located in Westmorland County in southeastern New Brunswick has got its first Bitcoin ATM. This city in New Brunswick will now be catering the requirements from Bitcoin enthusiasts as they can now cash in their digital currency at a Moncton restaurant. This has been made possible by a teenage entrepreneur, Raphael Paulin-Daigle.

The 17 years old lad, Raphael Paulin-Daigle’s Bitcoin is working as the chief executive officer of DucatFlow, the company that introduced Moncton’s first Bitcoin machine this week on Tuesday. In addition to this Bitcoin ATM, his company also helps companies who want to buy or sell using Bitcoins.

Earlier, Paulin-Daigle got the city’s first Bitcoin machine installed at Freshii, a downtown restaurant in New Brunswick. After the installation of the BTC ATM at Freshii customers can convert their paper currency into Bitcoin and even use the digital currency at the restaurant which has emerged as the first business in Moncton to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Like Bitcoin, The DucatFlow CEO is Young

Bitcoin is just a couple of year old; however, it has impressed thousands of people. Something similar is happening to Paulin-Daigle who is just a seventeen year old lad and trying hard to balance his business with high school, but that is now coming to an end. He said that though it is hard to balance, he has done it successfully.


In a statement he said that he has finally done high school, spending his time now on focusing on building the business. According to him though it is already too busy for him to go to university, he does not regret. He said he had one class in school this year and he had trouble balancing both and it was only one class.

Now, according to him he is pretty happy working on the business itself, both on the ATM and consulting side of the business, too. His father seems quite optimistic about the vibrancy of his son. Jean Daigle said that it was his teenage son who introduced the family to Bitcoin years ago and he is quite impressed by it.

According to Jean Daigle he is impressed with how hard his son has worked on this project of bringing a Bitcoin machine to Moncton. He admits that he finds it really amazing; however, he is not surprised, as according to him his son has always been really persistent when it comes to building a business, been involved in business since the age of 11.

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