MNC tech Company IBM to be the Sponsor of Mumbai HackCoin to Be Held Next Month


MNC tech Company IBM to be the Sponsor of Mumbai HackCoin to Be Held Next Month

HackCoin, India’s first Blockchain-based Fintech Hackathon, scheduled to take place at the legendary BSE building in the next month 1st and 2nd August, will be sponsored by the multinational technology company IBM. Receiving a sponsor like IBM can definitely be considered a great achievement for the people behind the hackathon.

The organizers of HackCoin expect that as it aims to introduce developers to the blockchain ecosystem, facilitate innovation amongst existing Fintech APIs using the blockchain and frame resultant solutions in a viable manner to create impact, a lot of participants would come to attend. The list of the experts taking part at the event is quite exemplary.

Interestingly, the multinational technology firm is not the only sponsor as there are some other names as well that are going to support the forthcoming India-based hackathon set to focus on Bitcoin, the blockchain and FinTech. The two-day event is being called ‘HackCoin’ is presented by Zone Startups and local Bitcoin advocacy firm Bitstreet.

Nonetheless, as the event will engage participants on themes including Big Data, payments and the digital experience, a number of participants are expected to take part in. The aim, according to event press materials, is to introduce more developers to the Bitcoin and wider blockchain ecosystem, as well as the available APIs from major providers.

Talking about the event, Bitstreet founder Raunaq Vaisoha said that HackCoin chose to hold the event at BSE building so that it is able to attract sponsors and the decision seems to be working fine as IBM has come forward for the same. Vaisoha told the media professionals that when planning the event in India, he managed to secure the Bombay Stock Exchange as a venue.

PHP, Python, SHA Experts to Participate in the Two-Day Hackathon

He continued that this detail along with the value add of bringing together the much demanded blockchain community generated enough buzz to attract the sponsors. Moreover, HackCoin is seeking participants well-versed in PHP, Python and SHA, as well as more general skill sets such as HTML and entrepreneurship, India has plenty of them.

The participants and the winners will be given prizes that include a variety of gift packages, as well as pitch opportunities for the event’s most compelling projects. Nevertheless, IBM has previously explored blockchain technologies as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) program and proven to be quite successful in the endeavor.

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