Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights Accepting Bitcoin Now

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights Accepting Bitcoin Now
Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights Accepting Bitcoin Now

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights Accepting Bitcoin Now

Renowned for its dark chocolates long before it became fashionable, Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights has been innovative and a pioneer in all measures. Now, the organization has announced that it would be accepting Bitcoin from its customers for its delicious chocolates including of chocolate-covered marshmallows, pecan turtles and half-dipped apricots.

However, Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates in Cleveland Heights is not the only shop that accepts Bitcoin as there are more than a dozen shop owners on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights who have joined together to accept the controversial digital cryptocurrency. They all share one belief and that is that Bitcoin will attract new customers to the struggling region helping them reduce credit card fees.

According to the local media this month Bitcoiners have traveled to the tree-lined street in northeast Ohio from as far away as North Carolina to trade their Bitcoins for ice cream cones, haircuts and handmade Colombian bracelets. Thus, making it America’s first Bitcoin Boulevard, small to large businesses here hope that they will profit from the development.

Bill Mitchell, the shop’s 54-year-old proprietor says that Bitcoin is ideal for a small business. She believes that Bitcoin could be enormous. However, it has yet to gain widespread adoption by general stores, shops, food outlets, etc. in large numbers. The day they start accepting en masse, Bitcoin will truly become a mass currency.


Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates, Serving for More Than 75 Years

The owner of Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates says that as it has been serving people for more than seven decades now, it has developed specialty and knows what its customers want from it. For instance, it brings its ‘52 percent cacao Signature Dark Semisweet Chocolate’ an exquisite blend of the finest semisweet couvertures.

Similarly, its 33 percent cacao Silky Smooth Light Chocolate is an indulgently luxurious blend of lighter couvertures. Its ‘80 percent cacao Intense Bittersweet Chocolate’ is used as an ingredient in some of its more exotic chocolates. Each of its products is result of the attention and expertise from the ship-owners over the last 75 years.

Not just dark chocolates that Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates is known for, it is also known for special packaging for corporate clients. Buyer’s selection is packaged in a manner appropriate for prevailing weather conditions, both in Greater Cleveland, Ohio, and at its destination, with insulation and cold pack protection as necessary.

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