Missouri Might Legalize Marijuana

Missouri Might Legalize Marijuana

Missouri Might Legalize Marijuana

State Governor Jay Nixon thinks Medical Marijuana’s decriminalization to be possible, meets with mixed reaction by the citizens.

ForexMinute.com – In a recent interview to CNN, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon indicated the possibility of state’s lawmakers decriminalizing medical marijuana. His words were to focus on government’s concern towards the demands of pot by the medical community.

“Medicinally I think folks are beginning to see there are things the medical community can help on. Our legislature might consider that,” said Nixon.

The governor’s statement was met with two distant reactions. The first one was by Amber Iris Langston, a worker promoting medical marijuana legalization with a group named Show Me Cannabis. While the other reaction came from Jackson County Legislator Bob Spence.

It is obvious that Amber showed an extensive support to Governor Nixon’s statement of hopefully legalizing medical marijuana. She was extremely pleased with the government finally taking a stand on this halted issue. But her ambitions about marijuana were not just limited to legalizing it, but she also confessed that she would like the government passing the bills that decriminalize pot overall.


Earlier this year, Missouri lawmakers had introduced three bills in the parliament concerning towards legalizing medical marijuana, decriminalizing recreational pot and reducing pot possession penalties. On the other side, Missouri is known to have one of the strictest laws for marijuana. Those who are found using or possessing it can land themselves up in jail for at least a year.

The ones who are in support of this law is Bob Spence, as mentioned above as the person who disliked the Missouri Governor’s expectedness of legalizing medical marijuana. His views were more focused on the misuse of marijuana once the bills come to life.

“I think most, not all, but most who do hard drugs started with marijuana,” he said.
His take of marijuana is a reflection of Missouri’s current laws on pot. He believes to “just say no” to any bill or law that asks the government to legalize marijuana, even when it is for medicinal purposes. He discussed his disgust with the idea of the next generations using marijuana, and presented his disbelief In the Governor’s words to CNN.

“I was shocked; I was absolutely shocked, he said, “I don’t want to make it legal in this state because it makes it even more accessible. It’s in far too many places for our kids to get a hold of.”

Meanwhile, New Yorkers had already nodded to legalize marijuana and California might be the next state even to do so.

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