Missouri Lawmakers Debate Whether to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Missouri Lawmakers Debate Whether to Legalize Medical MarijuanaWhilst Missouri lawmakers aren’t about to legalize marijuana, the push to have cannabis extract used to treat epilepsy has gained backing from key Republican politicians.

The draft law is currently being processed in the Missouri House, where a public hearing and vote will be held this week. The motion is backed by the majority leader, Republican House speaker and Democratic lawmakers. It also backed by a Republican senator- Eric Schmitt, R-St. Louis County- who has a son with epilepsy.

“People realize that people’s lives are at stake,” said sponsoring Republican-Columbia Caleb Jones.

Nearly a dozen states have mulled over laws to legalize the use of cannabidiol oil (CBD) for patients who suffer from seizures. This cannabis extract doesn’t bring about the “high” associated with the conventional drug.


Over the past week, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a low permitting the University of Alabama at Birmingham to research the marijuana derivative, while according the study’s participants legal protection against the state’s criminal charges. South Carolina lawmakers also approved a bill, while Wisconsin House sent an assessment to Governor Scott Walker.

The CBD oil is a frontier territory, said Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington-based lobby group that backs the use of medical marijuana.

“It’s an easy sort of rallying point, but the problem is that it leaves behind the vast majority of patients who would otherwise benefit from medical marijuana,” said Chris Lindsey, who works as a legislative analyst for the group.

Missouri’s new law will permit the use of “hemp extract” that contains less than 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and more than 5 percent CBD oil. To qualify, patients or their guardians will require a registration card and will only be allowed to use it if at least three treatment options fail to check epilepsy.

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