Missing Bitcoin Probe: Mt. Gox Ready to Cooperate with Tokyo Police


Missing Bitcoin Probe: Mt. Gox Ready to Cooperate with Tokyo Police

ForexMinute.com – In its recent announcement on Wednesday, fallen Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox agreed to cooperate with the Tokyo police in their Missing Bitcoin Investigation. The exchange also confirmed to have submitted every major to miniscule record and document as part of its civil rehabilitation application.

Tokyo police has refused to comment over the Mt. Gox’s notification.

In an event this year that shook the entire cryptocurrency community, Mt. Gox – once the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – had lost over $450 million worth of Bitcoin to a hacking attack that ultimately led the exchange to its demise in February. After filing for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo and United Stared, Mt. Gox was faced with innumerable lawsuits from its customers, with some of them even saying that the exchange has “faked” the alleged attack.


Two weeks later, an anonymous impostor hacked into the Mt. Gox’s founder Mark Kerpeles blog and posted the account details of several customers. The encyclopedic data indicated that the exchange had wrongly evaluated the total number of lost Bitcoins, and had lost less units than they had confirmed.

Few days after the trespassing, Mark Kerpeles dramatically admitted that they have found over 20,000 lost Bitcoin – worth over $116m – in their long-forgotten offline storage. As the pressure over Mt. Gox mounts, the exchange is losing its earlier stands and is rather looking in a defensive mood.

In other unconfirmed reports, a Turkish investment banker has also said that Mt. Gox will soon unveil an additional 670,000 Bitcoins which they have found recently. The banker locates its sources to none other but Mark Kerpeles, who he confirms to have been in continuous touch with.

A court-appointed inspector is also scheduled to present his reports on Mt. Gox to conclude whether the Mt. Gox deserves rehabilitations or liquidation.

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